Disabled Parking Spaces at MOL

Sadly, I am required to post yet another request for users of the school car park to respect the needs of those drivers and children who require to use the disabled parking bays on a daily basis. 

This came to a head today when one of our children were unable to make it into school due to the fact that none of the disabled bays were available and the child’s parent was unable to park close enough to the school building and so had to head home. 

Disappointingly, none of the cars parked at this time had a blue badge which really is unacceptable and wholly avoidable. 

I have asked the Community Police team for guidance and support in resolving this ongoing issue as a matter of urgency. 

Please support us by ensuring that all cars are parked appropriately in the spaces allocated and that disabled bays are left available to those who have a legitimate need. 

We spend a lot of time working with the children to build a sense of respect and understanding for all pupils, staff and parents with MOL Primary so your help to reinforce this message would be very much appreciated. 

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