Hallowe’en Story by Joel S

Look at this amazing story that Joel wrote. What makes it even more incredible is that he wrote it from his ‘sick bed’ as he is off school and emailed it in! Well done, sir. 

On a cold misty night, Jack and his friends were watching a spooky movie. The movie was called ‘The House of Doom’. The movie was about kids who went into a haunted house. They fell down a big hole into a cage where they got trapped with highly venomous snakes and lizards.

 After the movie, Jack and his friends heard a Giggle from outside the front door. The window of the front door smashed as they all turned around on the couch to have a look where the noise was coming from.

Jack’s friend Mike, told the others not to be scared and he would go to have a look. As he went to the front door, he grabbed a pan from the kitchen side.  The front door was made almost totally of glass, and it was shattered all over the floor. Mike could not see anything that had smashed the door, but noticed that the glass had smashed from the inside not the outside.  But nobody else was in the house. When Jack’s parents got home, they thought the boys had broken the door and would not admit it. They did not believe the boys that something else had broken the door.

Five years later, Jack and his friends had almost forgotten about the mysterious broken door. But, on Halloween night that year the boys sat once again to watch ‘ The House of Doom’. After the film they heard a giggle, a door slam and footsteps running down the stairs. The next minute the glass in the front door smashed. The boys went to investigate together, and once again the glass appeared to have been smashed from the inside….but no body was around.  The boys went upstairs to see what door had slammed, but all the doors were open……


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