Creative YOU!

At today’s assembly we began a journey of taking a look at what it means to be CREATIVE and there were so many pupils desperate to share their views and thoughts that this week’s ‘Tell us What You Think’ is:

When did you last do something CREATIVE. What was it and how did you do it? 3 Dojos for every response. Remember that EVERYONE has a creative side! 

10 thoughts on “Creative YOU!

  1. Primary 4/5

    I read past my bedtime all of the time and sometimes when I wake up first thing in the morning too 🙂 Miss Ferguson

  2. Ruby Forbes P3A

    I showed my little brother and his friend how to make fish out of paper cupcake cases. We stuck them to paper and coloured them in.

  3. I have been drawing things in my new Harry Potter year book. I have designed my own wand out of red oak and Phoenix feather and I made my own Harry Potter maze for the tri-wizard tournament.
    Harry McCormick P3A

    1. Wow! You have certainly been making use of your CREATIVE powers! Have 3 Dojos…
      Have you been to Alnwick Castle where they filmed Harry Potter? I went during the holidays and it was fascinating!

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