MOL in Bloom…The Wrap Up!

What a fantastic success MOL in Bloom has been this term. We owe a huge thank you to the children, staff, parents and wider community for their involvement and enthusiasm towards this project. We all agree that the courtyard area is certainly blooming and it has been great to see how proud the children are of their achievements with this green-fingered project! A big thank you to our team of judges who worked together for over an hour to judge the raised beds – they were mighty impressed with our gardening and creativity. Well done MOL!

The judges in the pictures, from left were:

Shona Patience, Tesco Inshes Tesco, Shona Amos, Forestry Commission, Sarah Speakman, Inverness Botanic Gardens, Alan Smith, John Muir Award

Category Award Raised Bed
1. Most eye-catching sign

made from recycled


Stunning Sign P1


Most imaginative use of

recycled materials

Recycled Materials P7A


Brightest, most colourful

flowers attracting the most insects

Brightest Flowers OOSC


Widest variety of insects attracted Insect Friendly P5A
5. Most tidy, litter free raised bed and its surrounding area Tidiest Raised Bed P2A


Most innovative artwork around the beds Innovative Artwork P6A


Most fragrant plants Fragrant Plants P6B


Largest number of worms Most Worms! P2/3
9. Widest range of produce Range of Produce P5B


10. Best use of natural materials to encourage a wide range of bird life Attracting Bird Life P7B
11. Best working as a team – children, parents, staff and members of the wider community


Team Work P3
12. Widest range of herbs Range of Herbs P4A


13. Most sensory, tactile beds Sensory Raised Bed P2B
14. Weed free bed Weed free! ELCC




Most nourished, watered, nurtured plants Well-kept plants P1


Most informative bed Plant information Dragon-fly Rm
17. Most innovative additional planters Creative Planters P4B


18. Most innovative features Original features P1


19. Most original theme Original theme P3/4


20. Overall winner for excellence in creativity, biodiversity and community involvement


Overall winner



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