Lucy Munro @ UDO World Street Dance Championships

Lucy Street DanceMore great news from MOL-Land! We have a P7 pupil, Lucy Munro, who recently took part in a worldwide event in street dancing and I asked her to do a wee write up so that she can share her fantastic success. Well done, Lucy!

“On 23rd-25th of August, I was in Glasgow to compete at the UDO World Street Dance Championships at the S.E.C.C.  It was a great opportunity to have after my team came 3rd at the Scottish Qualifiers. We saw teams from countries all around the World, such as Holland, Germany, Japan, China and lots more!

After competing against 20 teams in the prelims, my team, K-Code, made it into the final of 10 teams and at last after months of training we came 7th!”

Lucy M, Primary 7.

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