Sports Day 2012/13 Survey….

As many will be aware, I asked for parental views on the success (or otherwise) of Sports Day 2012/13 which took place at Queen’s Park Stadium in June. This was carried out on the back of a few comments/opinions being expressed about the suitability of the event being held at this venue.

Many thanks to all those who returned the survey and who shared their views which have been collated as below. Although this survey clearly has a positive leaning towards Sports Day being a big success, we will discuss as a staff how best to structure this year’s event, taking in to account the need to meet the needs of all pupils and parents. This will also be discussed with the Parent Forum at an upcoming Parent Council Meeting.  

On the question of “Did you enjoy Sports Day this year?”, the responses were as follows:




In terms of the additional comments/suggestions left, these included:


“Too much time for little ones to sit – they had less races and were bored”


“Children could pick 2/3 races they wanted to be in to reduce the numbers running in each race”


“School could do heats before the day and just have the finals of each type of race”


“Have more races at same time”


“Too rushed at end – no time for parents’ races (are they mad)???”


“Podium was good”


“Very well organised”


“Can’t take the whole day off work”



“Waste of time and money”




“Does not suit non competitive children”


“Too much sitting around”


“Do some potted sports for little ones on MUGA with one/two races maximum (couple of hours maximum for P1-3 sports day)”


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