Day One Done and Dusted…How Was it For You?

I am expecting that there are currently a large number of exhausted MOL pupils (and staff!) currently lying down in a dark room after a hectic but exciting first day back at school!

From my point of view, it was absolutely fantastic to see all the smiling faces this morning and everyone seemed very pleased to be back at school. Well done to everyone!

Let me know how your first day went. What was the best thing about being back at school?

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17 thoughts on “Day One Done and Dusted…How Was it For You?

  1. Well Donald and Angus certainly enjoyed it…it was reported that Angus was tired!! ok that did not last when he got home but maybe tomorrow? Well done Mrs Vass and all p1 staff

  2. It must have been a great start to the new term for Tristan as there were no outrageous runaway attempts today (its a step up from last year). Great job Miss Scott.

  3. My first day at Milton of Leys was amazing. We done loads of stuff like art and writing. And I played with my friends again and I saw my teachers.

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