Parent Race @ Sports Day-Give us your Views!


As the build up to next week’s Sports Day continues, we are looking for your views in a very important issue….

The Parent Race!!!

We would greatly appreciate your views on the type of race we should have this year. Our suggestions are below but if you have an alternative idea, please do tell us.

  • Straight running race (adults only)

  • Straight running relay with a child

  • 3 Legged Race (with or without child)

  • Hurdle Race (with or without child)

  • Skipping Race (with or without child)

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13 thoughts on “Parent Race @ Sports Day-Give us your Views!

  1. All sounds great fun! Sadly not going to be able to attend with it being at the aquadome again this year 🙁

  2. Three legged with child sounds like the most fun but probably a straight relay would be safer! Is there any kind of schedule for the day. 10-2 is a little long for me to leave the office. I would lovee to see the P3 races if I can. Thanks Ruth

  3. I think there should be two races involving parents – one for the competitive with ability parents -we know who you are – and one for the rest of us – competitive but lacking in the ability department! As I fall into the latter the 3 legged race would be my favourite – shared housepoints with your partner! Lets hope we get a sunny day like last year!

  4. “Catch the train” was always great fun when I was at school and would be a giggle for the kids

  5. I’m up for a bit of three-legged fun with Mrs MacDonald as my partner! We’re sure to win and earn LOADS of points for Redwood! Mrs Watson in the Nursery fancies her chances but I’m not sure she’s got the raw talent…

  6. I would also really appreciate a programme of events for Sports Day so that I can prioritise being able to be there for my son. As someone else has already mentioned, I too am unable to attend for the whole day and if information about classes and race times can be released in advance I will be able to arrange to be there when I need to be.
    Many thanks.

  7. Why not have a novelty race! The parents need to dress up at different stages in the race. Would be brilliant fun for the kids to see 🙂

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