Today’s Assembly….’IF’

At today’s assembly, we looked at some video clips which have been created to support the ‘ENOUGH FOOD FOR EVERYONE….IF’ project which is looking to raise the profile of food shortage across the world.

The children were shocked to hear that although there is actually enough food for EVERY person in the world, 1 in 8 people goes hungry each day and this project is trying to get this very important issue onto the agenda for the upcoming G8 Summit in Ireland later this month.


The children were asked to tell me facts about the G8 and thanks to Lucy in P6, here are the key pieces of info needed:

This years G8 Summit is the 39th summit and will be held on the 17th -18th of June in Ireland. The G8 have been focusing on food and world hunger since 2009.  It is the 6th summit to be held in the United Kingdom. The members of G8(which used to be known as the G6, and then G7 after Germany joined, and now G8 after Russia joined.) are :

1. Canada- Prime Minister Stephen Harper

2. France- President François Hallande

3. Germany- Chancellor Angela Merkel

4. Italy- Prime Minsiter Enrico Letta

5. Russia- President Vladimir Putin

6. Japan-Prime Minister Shinzõ Abe

7. United Kingdom- Prime Minister David Cameron (G8 President 2013)

8. United States of America- President Barrack Obama


I promised to share some of the resources from the assembly so here they are. is the website for the project –This is a very clever video clip suggesting what the G8 Summit might look like if the world’s leaders were children.

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