Gunge-a-Thon 2013!

Here is a short clip of one of the very ‘brave’ gungees in full glory! Enjoy….

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12 thoughts on “Gunge-a-Thon 2013!

  1. This years G8 Summit is the 39th summit and will be held on the 17th -18th of June in Ireland. The G8 have been focusing on food and world hunger since 2009. It is the 6th summit to be held in the United Kingdom. The members of G8(which used to be known as the G6, and then G7 after Germany joined, and now G8 after Russia joined.) are :

    1. Canada- Prime Minister Stephen Harper
    2. France- President François Hallande
    3. Germany- Chancellor Angela Merkel
    4. Italy- Prime Minsiter Enrico Letta
    5. Russia- President Vladimir Putin
    6. Japan-Prime Minister Shinzõ Abe
    7. United Kingdom- Prime Minister David Cameron (G8 President 2013)
    8. United States of America- President Barrack Obama

    • Excellent work, Ms Munro! 200 House Points winging their way to you. Very good facts…far more than I had found out! Well done….!

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