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As part of their current ‘Africa’ topic, P.4 and P.4/5 held an assembly yesterday (Monday) to launch MoL’s ‘Backpack Project’. The ‘Backpack Project’ is run by the charity ‘Mary’s Meals’, which operates in countries across the world. Tom Chamberlain from the charity came to speak to P.4 and P.4/5 a couple of weeks ago about its work in African countires, such as Malawi and Liberia.

Tomorrow, each family will receive a leaflet about how they can get involved. The leaflet outlines the need for old schoolbags (backpacks) to be handed in to us here at MoL, pre-filled with basic equipment and materials to allow an African child to attend school. Many children in Africa are not allowed an education unless they have something to carry their belongings in and many use plastic bags which they have to carry many miles to and from school every day. Filled backpacks can be handed in to the P.4 and P.4/5 classroom any time before Friday 21st June. There is also a display in the Reception area with further materials from the ‘Mary’s Meals’ charity, which visitors are welcome to read.

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