Internet Safety Update

Many thanks to the small number of parents who attended Wednesday Night’s Internet Safety Meeting and for whom I hope, proved to be both interesting and informative.

During the discussion at the end of the session, I was asked to share some of the key statistics shared during the presentation as well as uploading some of the resources.

In addition, I thought it might be worthwhile to share a few of the most up to date stats that were included as part of the presentation. Here are a select few:

Growth of Portable Technology

  • In 2013 more phones will be connected to the Internet than PCs
  • In 2015 2 billion of the world’s population will own a smartphone
  • Half of UK children go online using a mobile device

Digital Footprint

  • 7% of babies have an email address created for them by their parents, BEFORE they are born
  • 81% of 2 year olds have a digital footprint
  • The average age that a child acquires an online presence courtesy of their parents, is SIX months

Using the Internet

  • The average time spent online by UK 9-16 year olds is 102 minutes per day which is significantly higher than the EU average of 88 minutes
  • Facebook announced in September 2012, that they had 1.01 BILLION monthly users
  • Did you know that the Internet is 22 years old?

E-Safety Video

Click below to link to a cartoon film designed for younger children which reminds pupils about the importance of not sharing personal information in the online world: 

I am very keen and willing to offer repeat sessions for any parents who were not able to attend. If you would be interested in attending a future meeting, please indicate by leaving a comment or by emailing


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