Famous Mathematician Profile One-Rachel Riley


As part of our ongoing development of Numeracy/Maths, Mr Bailey (P4 Teacher) has been doing some research into some famous mathematicians. We will be posting these on the blog in the coming weeks and Rachel Riley will start us off below. If you have any comments about what she has to say, please leave these as a comment.

Rachel Riley

Name: Rachel Riley (Age 27)

Job: TV Presenter on Countdown

Thoughts on Maths: For some reason we think it’s OK to say we’re bad at maths. People are generally embarrassed to admit they can’t read or write, but think it’s fine to say, ‘I’m rubbish at maths.

We need to end that culture. Maths is important in everything you do, whatever job you have and in everyday life.

Rachel said that one child said “I want to be a famous footballer, like Gareth Bale. You need maths as a footballer because you need it to add up the money your team has and how much money you have.”

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