Smoothies for Sale! Starting tomorrow (Thu 9th)

Don’t forget that tomorrow, our P3 class will be launching their SMOOTHIE making business! Smoothies will be on sale at playtime from the ‘Smoothie Shack’ (Summer House!) priced £1 with all profits going to Homeless Shelter.

I have been working closely with the class as they have embarked upon this enterprise project and this has included researching how to make the perfect smoothie, looking at the ins and outs of running a business including looking at profit making, special promotions etc… as well as making a number of phone calls to various people to ask for help/support in this project.

This project is part of a national initiative called ‘Make a Tenner’, where schools can sign up to be ‘loaned’ £10 per child which must be used to attempt to make a profit. At the end of the project, the £10s must be paid back but any profit retained. The project will run for at least the whole of May but possibly beyond (depending on how the smoothies taste!)

Good luck to Miss MacBeath and her class!

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2 thoughts on “Smoothies for Sale! Starting tomorrow (Thu 9th)

  1. I loved my Smoothie..Great job .Well done.I am sure you will be a big success.
    Mrs Brown.

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