Use of ‘Drop Off’ Space for Parking

A number of parents have recently made me aware of the fact that there have been cars using the ‘Drop Off’ spaces for parking and therefore making it very difficult for parents to simply drop their child off safely.
Can I remind parents that this ‘Drop Off’ zone is designated for this purpose and that this should not be used for parking, even if the car park appears to be full.

Thanks again for your support in ensuring that all our pupils make it to, and from, school safely each day.

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4 thoughts on “Use of ‘Drop Off’ Space for Parking

  1. I just wondered is there a time limit to the parking or are cars allowed to stop there 5-10 mins before the bell? or no stopping at all?

    • I should have clarified…the drop off zone is intended for parents who don’t/can’t get out of their car to walk their child in. For example, if they have a baby in the car. By stopping in the drop off zone, their child can get out of the car safely without having to cross roads.

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