Time for a Car Wash, anyone?!! Fri 26th April is your chance!

Just a wee reminder that tomorrow morning, the P7 pupils are holding a fundraising carwash to raise funds for their trip to Craggan in June. Cars can be cleaned both inside and outside for the very reasonable fee of £5 (per clean…i.e. £5 for inside and £5 for outside). If you are interested, please contact the school to find out which time slots are available during the morning. Alternatively, just turn up and come into the office and let us know that your car is ready to be washed!


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2 thoughts on “Time for a Car Wash, anyone?!! Fri 26th April is your chance!

  1. Thank you for all the cars that needed to be cleaned we raised lots of money and a reminder that the next p7 event will be the dress down day and disco £1 to dress down. (On Friday 3rd May) No football shirts please or any clothes advertising alcohol, the disco is free entry to all!

    Dylan 🙂

  2. Their is the dress down day next Friday (3rd May). It is £1 to dress down, please do not wear football tops and clothing advertising alcohol. There will be disco in the afternoon, free entry for everyone!! All profits will help towards the cost of the P7 Craggan trip in June.

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