Summer Fayre Gunge-A-Thon News!

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I have created a page to keep folks updated about the Gunge-A-Thon at this year’s Summer Fayre on Saturday 1st June. This page will be regularly updated so you can quickly see who is going to be covered in lovely, slimey goo!

Remember, the rules are very simple…for a person to be gunged, £100 must be raised through donations before the Summer Fayre, and then on the day itself. As soon as that person reaches £100, their ‘account’ is frozen and their gunging confirmed!

Look out for details coming very soon, about how to start donating….In the meantime, feast your eyes on who the willing volunteers are…I wonder who will be gunged this year?!!

Mr Quigley (Surely not, AGAIN!)

Mr Blair (The Man from P5…he says YES, YES, YES!!!)

Nat from the Kitchen (She says, “Yum, yum…yes, please!”)

Miss Bate (She says, “I was upset NOT to be gunged last year so please let my dreams come true this year!”)

Mrs Hearmon (No need to say anything…she will have her £100 before you know it!)

Mrs Fraser (I have a mystical feeling that she might get chosen this year….)

Miss McRitchie (She says, “Please…I beg of you….please….pick me…I’ll cry if not!”)

Gail Forsyth, Parent Council Chair and mother to Euan and Heather (She says, “I love gunge…I honestly do. This would be the happiest moment of my life!”)

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