2013 Gungefest!!!

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After last year’s very ‘successful’ conclusion to the Summer Fayre, we are now getting round to thinking about how to repeat the gunging element for this year! With that in mind, I am now looking for suggestions as to how we structure it and hopefully start the fundraising process early.

If you could let me know (by leaving a comment) whether you think we should we should simply replicate last year’s plan (i.e. those who are nominated are announced and in order to be gunged, at least £100 must be collected per person and then they are gunged on the day)


If you have an all singing and dancing new idea, please let me know!

Finally…if any parent or family member is desperately keen to be gunged, please let me know this too…it would be great to have at least one parent on the list of potential ‘gungees’!

Many thanks….

Mr Q


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5 thoughts on “2013 Gungefest!!!

  1. Gungathon….well I must admit I was a bit confused last year…okay not difficult I know but I think to put a target of £100 is a bit offputting..how about the most raised gets gunged first..and so down the line? The trasure hunt with balloons was brilliant also……Now there are a few people I would like to nominate to be gunged….so for those wicked thoughts I am quite happy to put myself forward I am sure “my boys” will appreciate it….I am sure there will be many others also in the good spirit of it all…maybe a parent council member…??

    • Thanks for the comment! I think the reason for the target was so that there was a minimum amount for anyone to be gunged and then to allow people to stop putting money towards that person, once they had reached a set amount so that more than one person could be gunged.
      As for your very kind self-nomination….consider it accepted!!!

  2. Mr Quigley can all the P7 get gunged PLEASE! Because it is all our last year in primary school? And also I think that the teacher that didn’t get put gunged last year should have the price lowered to £50 so they have a better chance of getting gunged.

    • Um…interesting idea….not sure we have enough gunge to gunge everyone….perhaps we could agree that the most popular couple of pupils could be gunged?

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