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Last year, we offered an Information Session on Internet Safety for all parents, which despite the small number in attendance, proved to be very worthwhile and informative. As promised, we are planning to repeat this session in Term 4 on Wed 8th May @ 7pm.

This time around, we are inviting any pupils in P6 or P7 to accompany their parents so that any messages or discussion can be shared directly with the children. This is the age range that we pitch our most serious/advanced training at.

ALL parents are invited to attend this session but we would ask that only children in these two year groups attend alongside their parents.

If you would like to have a look at information before this meeting, there are some great resources on the following sites:

In addition, I have attached below, an excellent overview/guide which Louise Jones has created. Louise is the ICT curriculum liaison manager for the Highland Council education, culture and sport service and chair of the Highland E-Safety Group (which I am also a member of). Any feedback on this document would be gratefully received.

Please click below to download your own copy:

Be Safe and Keep Others Safe When Online

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