Positive Coaching Scotland Workshop – Tuesday 26th March 6 – 9PM at Millburn Academy

Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) creates a positive environment in youth sport which focuses on encouraging effort and learning, improving performance and fostering competition. This combination helps young people deal positively with mistakes.  PCS offers a visionary new approach – a practical alternative to the ‘win at all costs’ mentality and a timely response to the challenges facing youth sport. It provides the tools and framework for a positive sporting experience that can also be character-building.

By involving the whole community – sport leaders, coaches, parents and teachers – PCS can encourage a cultural shift in sport in Scotland, thereby inspiring young people to reach their potential. It sets a new standard for all the key influencers in a young person’s life.

 For more information: http://www.positivecoachingscotland.com/

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