Even More Festival Success!

Yesterday (Wed), I had the pleasure of seeing at first hand, another of MOL’s successful adventures at this year’s Music Festival at Eden Court.

Miss Mackay’s P1-3 Choir, The Tiny Treble Clefs, were the only group in their category but that did not stop them putting on a superb performance and bringing home the trophy along with an excellent score of 86 points! For such young pupils, they showed so much confidence and maturity and really brough this year’s MOL Music Festival experience to an excellent end.

Well done to ALL pupils and staff who have taken part this year as well as special thanks to the loyal band of parents who have been almost ‘living’ at Eden Court, in order to support their wee ones!

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2 thoughts on “Even More Festival Success!

  1. What a delight to watch the mini treble clefs at Eden Court yesterday. They were the last ones to perform yet sat very well behaved for over an hour beforehand. Their performance was full of smiles, energy and great voices – you could tell they enjoyed the whole experience. Congratulations Miss MacKay – lots of very proud parents and grandparents up in the theatre circles watching.

  2. Just wanted to say what a wonderful performance from the Tiny Treble Clefs yesterday, and how well all the children sat & waited patiently for their turn on stage.

    Well done everyone!!

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