Save the Children Fundraiser Update….

Below is a message from Jack and Connall, who were responsible for organising the very successful Save the Children Fundraiser. A huge well done to the boys for demonstrating fantastic citizenship….

Thank you for helping us raise £383.02 for Save the Children. On the day everyone got to dress up in beach clothes for £1. There was a bake sale at break. After lunch, there was a disco (with a snack bar), a limbo contest (where the winner was Kirsten Mackey) and a hula-hoop contest where everyone was a winner! We also had a contest for best dressed pupil (Rachel Urquhart) and best dressed teacher (who was Mrs Fraser: she dressed up as Sponge Bob Squarepants). Thank you to all the pupils and teachers who gave us lots support.

Jack and Connall

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2 thoughts on “Save the Children Fundraiser Update….

    • Well done boys.I still have to give you my donation for a very worthy cause.Enjoy the half term break.
      Mrs Brown.

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