Road Safety Message

At last week’s Parent Council Meeting, the issue of parking was once again raised and a lengthy discussion took place about how best to impress upon all parents, the importance of safe parking. I have put out reminders in the past about this matter but it appears that the same problem has arisen again.

I am therefore making a further plea to all parents to use the designated parking spaces in the school’s car park and not to park on the main road. A number of parents have complained to the school office about how cars parked in this way, have caused difficulty, especially at the main junction out of the school road and also near to the underpass/school gate.

The Parent Council have contacted the local Road Traffic police for guidance on strategies to encourage parents to avoid this dangerous parking and we will be acting upon any advice given.

At all times, this plea is to ensure that all children, parents and staff get home safely.

Thanks in anticipation for your support with this important issue.

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