Take Care on the Ice!

Please click on the link below and share this information with your children.  Canals, lakes, water of any sort is very appealing to little people and we wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt this winter holiday!


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4 thoughts on “Take Care on the Ice!

  1. This is good advice, thanks for the link. However Evie is actually finding the footpaths very slippery on the MUGA side of the school and has come home crying because she has fallen. Who is responsible for gritting these paths so that our kids can get to school safely?

  2. Hello there
    just to advise that today 14/01/13 i witnessed two children falling (quite badly) on exiting the school from the top gate at 3pm. The top path that leads to the school gate (walking around from the nursery) was notoriously icy and dangerous last winter (perhaps due to its position and steep incline?) but this concerns me greatly as we are forecast very low temperatures once again this week. If this path is gritted, would it be possible to put some sort of gripper onto the tarmac or something to help prevent nasty falls? As the school is technically above the snow line i would hope the Council would be able to implement some sort of action plan before a serious accident occurs involving one of the children or the parents dropping off or collecting a child from school.
    Many thanks.

    • Thanks for your comment. We’ll be sure to tell the children to take care and see what our FM team can do to help. In the meantime it might be worth letting the Council know your concerns and hopefully they can do something about the slippery paths outwith the school gates.

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