And the grand total is….


A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped raise this grand total for our school!  Have a think about things YOU think the money should go towards… post your ideas on the blog!

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21 thoughts on “And the grand total is….

  1. I think that the money should be used to send the delightful lady helping Miss MacBeath on the nail bar at the Xmas Fayre on an exotic holiday !!!

  2. I heard the Christmas Fayre was a total sucess, unfortunately i wasn`t there hopefully i will be there for the Summer Fayre. :p

  3. That is a great total! I would like to see some of the money going towards tracksuits for the hockey/athletics teams. MoL were the only school not properly kitted out at the last tournament.

  4. I think we should have a poll with 6 options.Then which ever option wins that’s what we will get for the school.Put it on the homepage.

    • Brilliant idea Daniel- what would your 6 options be? I know I’d love to see more books and to see how we can make the stage a bit better- it’s hard for people to see what’s going on if they’re at the back! And of course I’d like money put aside so we can all go off to Landmark again- I loved that trip! What would you like to see the money go towards?

  5. I would love to see bleacher seating at MOL. Even if you’re near the front you can’t see clearly. It would be great to see ALL the children when they put on their performances. It would be nice to start a fund for this.

    It would also be nice to have not only a summer trip but also a trip to the Pantomime at Christmas.

    • Great ideas! The staging/seating is definitely something we need to think about so everyone can enjoy the school performances. Trips throughout the year are also something we would love to see happening more. Finding trips that link to the topics the children are working on brings the learning to life and should be part of the whole ‘school experience’. Thank you for your comments and have a great holiday!

  6. I love the new track suits they are awesome.I can’t wait for the next running tournament so I can wear the track suits.

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