Your Thoughts are Needed!

Last year the staff worked on their thoughts and ideas about what our school is all about and where our school is going.  We’re looking at this again this year with the aim of finalising our Milton of Leys Vision and we’d like your input!

  • Where do you see your school in years to come?
  • What do you value and believe we should strive to achieve?

We’d like to hear from your children too and find out what they want from their school.

  • What would they hope to see, hear, experience if they came back to our school in 10 years time?
  • What do they believe makes a good teacher, school and place to learn?

Please post your thoughts!

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11 thoughts on “Your Thoughts are Needed!

  1. If I came back to the school in ten years time i would hope to see that the school was still in the same condition as it is now and that all the trees had grown and the garden and royal flower all grown.

    I think what makes a good teacher is someone who helps you to understand what you are doing and also who challenges you to do your best in everything.

  2. If the school continues to achieve in the future, what it has already achieved, I see it as a centre for excellence in children’s learning and the hub of community life

  3. If i came back to, M.O.L primary school in 10 years time, i would hope to see it as great as it currently is, with happy, enthusiastic and eager to learn children.

  4. If I came back to school in ten years time I would hope to see the same condition as we left it that means still a brilliant Garden and Libary and eager to learn children like Lauren said.
    I think what makes a brilliant teacher is someone who is always willing to help you and understands you in your sense (like Ms MacKenzie who is AWESOME!)!!!!!!!!

  5. The school is great already but It would be better if we all had our own laptops each. Gran says”every body should learn how to touch type we all would be faster at typing” and maybe a tablet.

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