Learning and Teaching-What Do We Do Well?

This term, the SMT (Senior Management Team), which consists of Mr Quigley (HT), Ms Mackenzie (DHT), Miss Bate (PT) and Mrs James (PT-Additional Support Needs), visited each classroom as part of the school’s Quality Assurance calendar. The purpose of these visits is to see each class in action and to find out more formally, what we are doing well at. The focus for each visit was ‘Classroom Management’ which meant we were looking at the atmosphere and ethos as well as the behaviour within the classroom.

We have taken the slightly unusual approach of sharing our collated findings with all of the Parent Body so that you have even more information about how your child is learning at Milton of Leys. We thought you might be interested in some of the observations and notes that were made. After such visits, a conversation is had between the class teacher and the member of the SMT so that the process is rigorous and also allows the class teacher to self-evaluate on how they thought things went. We are sharing this information in two different ways.

Firstly,  through creating (another!) a Wordle which has been made by simply entering in ALL of the collated feedback. What is most interesting (and reassuring) is that Wordle increases the size and appearance of words that are most frequently used and you will see below, that the most prominent word is….’CHILDREN’! Clearly, this is what we would want to see.

Secondly, we have attached the actual feedback given to teachers following the visits. For confidentiality purposes, we have made the comment completely annonymous so any names have been taken out. All teaching staff have fully agreed to the sharing of this information which is fantastic as it shows their willingness to involve you as parents, in the learning and teaching that goes on throughout the school. Click below to download the summary of the collated feedback. Any comments gratefully receieved…


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