Mike Martin Tennis Academy Summer Camps 2012

 We have been given information about some upcoming tennis Summer Camps. To download the leaflet and registration pack, please click below to download:



The camps will be split into the following groups:

Mini Red Camps – Age 5 to 8

Mini red tennis is an exciting, fun way to introduce tennis to children at an early age. In addition to hitting balls we introduce movement, co-ordination, balance and reception skills.

Mini Orange Camps – Age 8/9:

Mini orange tennis is the next stage with bigger courts and slightly harder balls. The children will be coached through the technical and tactical aspects of the game in a fun and active environment.

Mini Green Camps – Age 9/10:

This is the third stage of tennis development on slightly harder balls. We will teach the children technical, tactical and physical aspects of playing tennis on a full sized court.

Yellow Ball Camps – Age 10+:

All areas of the game will be covered. The children will be taught tactics of playing both singles and doubles matches. They will also get the opportunity to play matches against other players of similar abilities.

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