Summer Fayre Gunge-o-meter-UPDATED


Mrs Hearmon-£135 (so, is already confirmed as a gungee!)

Miss Smith-£1 (Really? No one wishes to see her gunged?!!)

Miss Bate-£3 (A solid start but there must be some P6 and P7 out there who would love to see their teacher with egg on her face…literally!)

Miss McRitchie-£15 (Looking like a sure fire bet to be gunged, in my opinion…)

Mrs Laing-£2 (Clearly, her class are far too loyal to their teacher!)

Mrs Fraser-£2 (Time to dig deep, my hamster-loving friends….)


Natalie (from the kitchen)-£1 (C’mon you cooks….it’s got to be worth putting your hands in your pockets to see ‘poor’ Natalie covered in all sorts of left over school dinners!!!)

Mrs Vass-£2 (Clearly, her class have been blackmailed into NOT donating to her worthy cause…)

George Moodie-£1 (What? Surely there must be at 3 Moodie siblings who would love to see their dad gunged?!!)

OJ from OJ Sports-£7 (so far, anyway!!!)

And the latest ‘gungee’…Gino from MFR-£0 (wait until the listeners hear about this!!!)

As a reminder, any donations towards gunging can be sent to the school office in an envelope with the name of the person you wish to see gunged written clearly. We will be accepting donations right up until the time of gunging on the day of the fayre (Sat 9th June-10am-1pm).

Remember, everyone who has £100 (or more) donated towards their ’cause’ by the end of the Summer Fayre, WILL be gunged….

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