This Week at MOL….

As we really do get into the final stretch, so it seems that things begin to heat up! This coming week promises to be a very busy one so I thought it was worth highlighting the major happenings:

Tuesday (29th May)-Tempest Photography: Remaining Class Photos for Butterfly Room and P5/6 (am)

Tuesday (29th May)-P7 pupils deliver Millburn ASG Olympic Torch (on bike) to Daviot Primary (am)

Wednesday (30th May)-Various P4/P5 pupils take part in Football Tournament @ Charleston Ac (pm)

Wednesday (30th May)-School Disco: N-P2 (6pm-7pm); P3-P7 (7.15pm-8.15pm)

Thursday (31st May)-New P1 Information Meeting @ 6.30pm in Gym Hall

Friday (1st June)-Tempest Photography: Individuals and Family Photos (all day) AND P6/7 Class Photos

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  1. regarding the family photos…is it for siblings? or for all the family including parents??? it was just the way it was worded in the letter

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