MOL and the Future….

We had a special assembly today where as a school we thought about what MOL will be like in the future. First, we watched two very interesting videos which are designed to show what life might ne like in 2020 at home, work and play! The links to both clips are below:

From these clips, we imagined what life might be like in one year’s time (2013), five year’s time (2017) and then in twenty year’s time (2032). Although many of the children got a chance to share their views, I promised to make a post on the blog to allow anyone else to add their thoughts.

If you do leave a suggestion, please write which year your suggestion is for!

Remember, it can be something very practical (e.g. touch screen computers), something that you could only dream about (e.g. self-service, voice controlled canteen), something that money can’t buy (e.g. over 500 pupils who all get along famously) or just the downright bizarre (e.g. the ability for the MUGA to be converted from sports pitch to an ice rink or to a forest or a swimming pool, all at the press of a button)!!!!

Don’t forget to leave just your first name (and initial of last name if you wish)…

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