The Bug Man Comes to MOL!!!

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As our fantastic P1 pupils will no doubt have already told the world, (!!!) on Friday (11th), we had the pleasure of a visit from Nick “The Bug Man” Martin. He brought a selection of wriggly, scary, cutesome and downright tiny creatures for the kids to look at/hold….what a fantastic afternoon!!!

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3 thoughts on “The Bug Man Comes to MOL!!!

  1. It’s amazing how children of today love this kind of thing. Can’t imagine having anyone come in to teach us all about slithery snakes and bugs in my time sixty years ago. Wonderful.

  2. Stunning!!! glad they had a great time…sorry I was not there (well not really)! So this weekend we have been making clay bugs and painting them…and now at 6.45am we are soaking sponges in food colouring to make them bug coloured so we can make them into bugs tonight…well what else do you do at this time of morning???

  3. Well done Miss Smith and all the pupils – I am very impressed with your bravery…and you’ve even got a smile on your face! Great to see – sort of!!

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