April/May Newsletter

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Newsletter_April May 12

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Over the current school closure, please contact your child’s class teacher by email if you have any queries about online learning. If you have any other concerns, please contact Meg Snedden, Acting Head Teacher, using the following email: meg.snedden@highland.gov.uk

7 thoughts on “April/May Newsletter

  1. A busy term ahead. I was wondering about the school trip to Landmark, Maybe I am over concerned but to have 280+ pupils going at the same time from the same school seems a logistical nightmare. I have problems taking 3 kids. What is the plan? will they be there for lunch? How many parent helpers will be needed?

    What do other schools do?

    • Thanks for the comment and for expressing concerns. Trips to Landmark are very common for schools (including schools larger than ours) and when we booked the date, we specifically looked for a day when Landmark was very quiet and they will now not book any large parties/schools on the same day so although it will be open to the public, it should pretty much resemble a MOL-takeover!
      We will be of course, adhering to the very clear (and strict) staff to pupil ratio for outdoor excursions and will be well within this ratio (and probably, over!). Most of the school staff have experience of large scale trips so be rest assured that the kids will be safe and will have a fantastic day out!

      • Thanks for the reply I am sure the helpers will have a great day too also looking at the costing I am sure there is a great rate for large bookings and I am sure there will be others who have a yearly pass which might help reduce the total for all.

  2. Glad the error on page one (the 2012/13 term date) on the news letter that was handed to the kids has been updated on the blog. Nearly had heart failure when I read the school term started Tuesday 20 August, then realised the date does not exist and that the Highland Council website states Tuesday the 14th. Maybe worth highlighting the error to folk who may have just noted the of the 20th of the calendar as the 2012/13 start of term though!

    • Many thanks for the comment and well spotted! Apologies to any parents who were thrown into confusion….I can confirm that school opens for children at the start of 2012/13 on August 14th.
      Mr Quigley

  3. I have now been informed that the nurseriy are not going to Landmark, this was my concern when I previously replied showing concern as to the whole school going. Is there an update as to where and when they will have their school trip? as I am sure they will require voulenteers also.

    • I believe that there is a sign-up sheet in the nursery entrance where parents can give their preference for the nursery trip. Please check with Mrs Jones or Mrs Adam for info on this!
      Mr Quigley

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