Road Safety in and around the school, Cycling Proficiency and Underpass

The message below has been given by the Safer Routes to School Team

Pupil & Parent safety is paramount to the school and those of you who regularly use the underpass will have noticed that it is now well lit and much safer to use during darker hours. The Safer Routes to School Team of the Parent Council helped secure the funding from Highland Council to get the underpass lit and ensure that the journey to & from school under the busy road is as safe as it can be. We would ask that everyone uses the underpass every time they cross the road and in particular encourage Parents to lead by example and use it all times.

In addition, I would like to remind parents and pupils that the pedistrian crossing and traffic lights should be used at all times to ensure safe crossing of the road near to the school entrance. A number of parents have commented upon seeing children cutting across this road at various points away from the designated safe areas.

Finally, I have been asked to make a further plea for any volunteers willing to help out with cycling proficiency training. There is training available and more details can be provided about what this involves but we do need some parent helpers who are willing to help teach these crucial skills to our pupils. If anyone is willing and able, please contact the school office in the first instance.

Many thanks,

Mr Quigley, Junior Road Safety Team and Safer Routes to School Team

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2 thoughts on “Road Safety in and around the school, Cycling Proficiency and Underpass

  1. Excellent news about the underpass. I would like to know if there are any plans for making the route to school safer for those children coming from Greenwood/Cedarwood/Elmwood etc as the access point to the school is fairly dangerous, with the stream of water beside the path and no barrier to prevent accidents. We were fairly lucky that this winter has been mild for MOL standards but on a few occasions the ice made the path almost inpassable and the possibility of children slipping I would suggest is quite high.
    I would perhaps like to suggest some sort of metal barrier to help eliminate any risk that the stream of water poses to children accessing the school from this access point.

    • Thanks for the comment. It is an area in which I share your concerns and I understand that the Safer Routes to School Team are exploring what can be done. The issue is that there is some uncertainty about who actually owns this land and who would therefore be responsible.
      Watch this space!
      Mr Quigley

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