Milton of Leys at 2012 Music Festival

 Today was the big day for Nursery, P1A, P1B and Glee Club as they finally made their debuts at the Music Festival. All of the children were extremely excited and very fired up after all the many, many rehearsals.

The morning session involved Nursery and the two P1 classes. All three groups performed superbly and although they were not ‘placed’, did themselves very proud (and possibly deserved an award?!!) and showed just how incredibly musical they are!

The afternoon session saw Mrs Fraser’s Glee Club performing their rendition of the ‘Time Warp’ and ended up second out of seven acts. I wish I had been able to see this performance and watch the judges’ face as the children took to the stage in full costume!!!

I am so proud of all the pupils who performed with such enthusiasm and genuine talent….we may not have won today but there will DEFINITELY be next year….Well done….!!!

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3 thoughts on “Milton of Leys at 2012 Music Festival

  1. I completely agree Mr Quigley!! I am so proud of Primary 1A and think that both the primary 1 classes were amazing!

    We may not have won but we should definitely feel incredibly proud of all our performers today!

    Miss McRitchie 🙂

  2. The children were amazing and a real credit to the school – we thoroughly enjoyed the performance.
    Well done to all involved

  3. The Glee club excelled themselves. Their dancing and singing was spot on. Each child looked great and did their part admirably. They certainly deserved their distinction mark. I definitely say “Let’s do the Timewarp again!”

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