Quick reminder-Internet Safety Information Meeting TONIGHT at 6.30pm

As the title suggests, just a quick reminder to all parents/guardians, that there is an information meeting being held tonight (Thu 1st March) with the focus upon e-safety. The meeting is being held in the Community Room at 6.30pm. Tea and coffee will be served.

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Over the current school closure, please contact your child’s class teacher by email if you have any queries about online learning. If you have any other concerns, please contact Meg Snedden, Acting Head Teacher, using the following email: meg.snedden@highland.gov.uk

3 thoughts on “Quick reminder-Internet Safety Information Meeting TONIGHT at 6.30pm

  1. What a fantastic, thought provoking presentation. Thank you for highlighting such an important issue.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully, it will prompt many other parents to think carefully about internet use at home. We are aiming to run a second information meeting in June.

  2. I completely agree with the comments made.
    To be honest I was in 2 minds as to whether to go to this or not as I’m aware of internet security and the general rules around kids and internet usage but I thought you never know there maybe something I don’t know/something thats new. Most of it I was aware of and do but there were some little interesting nuggets of information there that I took away and have implemented to make the internet a safer place for my child to be, things I would not have known about had I not come along.
    I think the evening was thought provoking, unfortunately a lot of people take the attitude “it will never happen to their child” or “my child wouldn’t do that without me knowing” but no one can predict whats going to happen and going back to my childhood and thinking of the things I did behind my folks back that they never knew makes me think that there will be things my child does without me knowing!
    The internet is a wonderful place and it is a world children these days grow up and need to be a part of but they need to do this safely and we need to reduce the risk to them. We as parents give our children the tools to go onto the internet eg the laptop, ipad, wifi, internet mobiles…we should take responsibility for this and ensure our children are safe.
    I really hope there is a good turn out in June as its one of the most benificial things I have been to in a long time so thank you.

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