Energy Efficiency Workshop-31st January @ 2.15pm

 The following is a message sent by Tamburrini Energy Efficiency Solutions:

Tamburrini Energy Consultants and Trusson Energy Efficiency Solutions have been contracted by the Highland Council and the Carbon Trust to carry out a Post Occupancy Evaluation of Milton of Leys Primary School.  In view of both the environmental and economic climate in recent years and the issues surrounding Climate Change in general.  The Highland Council is interested in your experience and opinion on building temperatures, features and general thermal comfort in Milton of Leys Primary School. 

Our aim is to ensure a comfortable and productive environment for staff and pupils, pleasant buildings for visitors and other users, whilst maintaining low running cots for our buildings and minimising our carbon dioxide emissions to atmosphere.  Your input is key to our understanding of good and bad practices from parent/community users perspective.  We would be grateful for your input at a workshop on 31 January at 2.15pm in Milton of Leys Primary School.  

If you would like to attend, please contact the school office before the workshop.

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