Inter-House Football Results-Wed 11th January 2012

Yesterday lunchtime, we held our first ever Inter-House Football matches on the MUGA. The matches were played over 15 minutes and each team had 5 players on the park at one time. As we have an odd number of houses, one house will always have to miss out each week but this will hopefully balance out over the school year. Each week there will be an age ‘range’ so that the children are competing against children of a similar age and ability.

The results from yesterday were:

Elmwood 2 Pinewood 2 (50 HOUSE POINTS EACH)

Redwood 2 Greenwood 3 (100 HOUSE POINTS TO GREENWOOD)

Redwood 4 Pinewood 0 (100 HOUSE POINTS TO REDWOOD)

Elmwood 2 Greenwood 9 (100 HOUSE POINTS TO GREENWOOD)

In addition, ELMWOOD were chosen as the most ‘sporting’ team by the two referees and are awared a bonus of 100 HOUSE POINTS

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