What a Week!

Well…we might be only FOUR school days away from the holidays but things are certainly not slowing down at Milton of Leys Primary!

This week has seen the Nursery Performances (see other post) and also the absolutely amazing P1-3 show, “Babushka” which was performed superbly on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. The infant children were brilliant and have set a very high standard for next year! Well done to all the pupils and staff who worked so hard to make this show such a success. Thanks also to all the parents who came along to watch the show and give us even more support….

Yesterday (Friday), Mrs Laing hand-delivered all the presents that had been sent into school to support the MFR ‘Toys for Kids’ appeal. We were extremely humbled to discover that in total, we had collected 62 presents which is an amazing amount and once again shows the generosity and selflessness of the children and families of MOL Primary. These toys will now be given to children and families who are not as fortunate and might just bring a little more Christmas cheer this year. Thank you to everyone who made a contribution towards this appeal….

We have also ‘ticked off’ the parties for the senior pupils in P4, P5, P6 and P7 who seemed to have a great time dancing, eating and playing various games. Not sure who the DJ was though….very strange looking chap with a very poor musical sense!!!

Next week promises to be no less busy as the P4-7 concert takes place on Tue (afternoon) and Wed (evening) as well as the Nursery, P1, P2 and p3 parties.

I have a feeling there will be some very tired pupils and staff come Thursday at 3pm!

Mr Quigley

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  1. Saw the P4-7 Xmas show this afternoon. It was OUTSTANDING!!!!! Everyone did a fantastic job. Acting was great, music was super, all the children were singing and dancing their socks off. My face was sore from grinning and laughing so much. Really in the festive mood now. Thanks very much for all the hard work that was put into it. It paid off and then some. Order me the DVD!


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