A Busy Christmas Week Ahead….

As we enter the second last week of term, things really start to get going and we have a variety of Christmas Parties and Performances taking place over the week. These include:

Tuesday 13th December-AM Nursery performance (9.30 am)

Tuesday 13th December-Primary Four Christmas Party (pm)

Wednesday 14th December-Primary Five Christmas Party (pm)

Thursday 15th December-P1-3 Performance (2 pm)

Friday 16th December-P1-3 Performance (10 am)

Friday 16th December-Primary 6 and Primary 7 Christmas Party (pm)

Looks like a busy week ahead!

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2 thoughts on “A Busy Christmas Week Ahead….

  1. i just wondered if there was a possability that the p1’s and possibly p2’s could exit the school via the main front door when the weather is bad? It is more sheltered…just a thought

    • Thanks for the comment….I don’t know if we would want to make this the policy for all pupils in P1 and P2 but I am certainly more than happy for any children whose parents wish to collect their children this way, to use the front door when the weather is wild!

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