Oscars Ceremony….MOL Style!

This afternoon, we held our first Oscars Award Ceremony and what a fantastic time we had! All four classes showcased their films in front of the whole school as well as Caley Thistle manager, Terry Butcher. The results will be published next week but in the meantime, here is a slideshow of some of the photos taken on the big day:

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7 thoughts on “Oscars Ceremony….MOL Style!

  1. Fantastic event! The children enjoyed it from all accounts! Thankyou for all your hard work in pulling it all together especially as the Christmas Shows are released soon. Look forward to buying a copy when it’s out on DVD!

  2. The Oscars were great fun and to win an award was awesome! It was great having Terry Butcher there and thank you for the football ticket. I really enjoyed watching the match – shame Caley didn’t win! Callum

    • Glad you enjoyed the match and free tickets! From a selfish point of view as a Dunfermline fan, I wasn’t too disappointed that they lost….!!!
      Mr Quigley

  3. I am so proud of everyone in all four classes. I think all the children worked so hard in creating their movie. I was VERY impressed and very proud!!

    Mrs. Vass

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