Oscars Awards Ceremony….Friday 9th December @ 1.30pm!

What an exciting week we’ve had at school! Not only has a large amount of frozen white stuff appeared to give us some great fun at lunchtime, but we are also counting down to the first ever Oscars Awards Ceremony at MOL!

The ceremony is on Friday 9th December starting at 1.30pm and will be a showcase of the four movies planned, filmed and produced by P4, P4/5, P5/6 and P6/7. This will be a formal dress event as there will be a red carpet on which the actors and actresses will parade before the ceremony. It should be a tremendous event and rumour has it that there might be an appearance from a local celebrity who will add some more ‘glitz’ to the occasion.

Watch this space for photos and news on the big day!

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  1. Hope you all have a fantastic time at the Oscars tomorrow. John(P4/5) is very excited to see who your special guest is going to be!

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