Our “Build a Snowman” Competition

During break and lunchtime today each class was given the challenge of building the best snowman. Here are the finished builds…which one do you like the most?!!

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18 thoughts on “Our “Build a Snowman” Competition

  1. I like the one with the pink hat with the blue star the most. It has a great nose, although it does need a bigger smile.

  2. I love the snowman with the pink hat with the blue star, and pink scarf. Definately the best! When are the results going to be announced?

  3. I think the one with the pink hat and blue star and the pink scarf is my favourite. Its by far the best!!!!!

    Jessica Maton

  4. they are all lovely but I would like to vote for snowman build by my class P2 with bucket hat and gorgeous stone eyes. I think this one is the best!!!

  5. I loved all of them but I have to vote for the one with the pink hat with a blue star on it and the pink scarf. Its the best:-)

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