Cloud Mountain!

Honestly, I do have better things to do with my time than look out of the window and take photos….however, I was taken by the view out from the playground this morning of what looks like a major cloud attack! What a vantage point we have up here!


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1 thought on “Cloud Mountain!

  1. I am writing to congratulate one of your pupils, a Miss Jenny Bowsher. On the 3rd November 2011, she organised a Children In Need charitable event at Milton Of Leys Primary School and with the assistance of her friends raised £500. She then swam 64 lengths of a swimming pool raising further funds for the same charity, this is a massive undertaking by any standard and I feel that Miss Jenny Bowsher has become a highly commendable embassador for your school and should be reconized for her achievements. Should Jenny Bowsher commit to raising further funds next year I would be delighted to match her achievements by way of a charitable donation for her charity.

    Wesley Grant-Parke
    You Fish Scotland.

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