Everyone ready? Here we go again!

After a well-needed recharge of the batteries, we are almost set to get going again with our second term at Milton of Leys Primary. In between changing nappies (!!!), I have reflected upon how well the first term went and have a lot of pride about the progress we made. However, we are certainly not going to rest on our laurels and I intend to make sure that we all hit the ground running for probably the most exciting term of a school year.

As I was looking at all that lies ahead, it struck me that the time it going to absolutely fly by and before we know it, it will be Christmas! October is almost finished and then we are into the cold months of November and December and all the festivities that go hand in hand with these months…it should be fun and I certainly hope that all pupils, staff and parents are up for the new challenges that lie ahead!


The new school lunch menu will be in operation as from Tuesday and can be downloaded from here (and also in the ‘School Lunches’ page)

Autumn- Winter11 – 4 in 1 doc draft


Don’t forget that on Friday (28th), we are holding an ‘Open Afternoon’ where we are inviting all parents, family and members of the local community to come into the school and see what we have been up to. You should have received an official invitation from your child with more details included at the end of last term and we really look forward to seeing you on Friday at 2pm.

Mr Quigley

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