Let’s Get Sporty!

This week, we surveyed all the pupils about which sports they might be interested in playing or trying out for the first time. The results make very interesting reading…we will now aim to give the children a chance to have taster sessions in as many of the popular sports as possible to allow them to find out more about these sports or activities.

American Football 29 pupils

Angling 26 pupils

Archery 36 pupils

Athletics 36 pupils

Badminton 45 pupils

Basketball 71 pupils

Bowling 78 pupils

Boxing 43 pupils

Canoeing 43 pupils

Cricket 48 pupils

Croquet 29 pupils

Curling 58 pupils

Cycling 96 pupils

Dance and Fitness 61 pupils

Equestrian 83 pupils

Fencing 54 pupils

Football 62 pupils

Gaelic Football 23 pupils

Golf 80 pupils

Gymnastics 68 pupils

Handball 62 pupils

Paragliding 59 pupils

Hockey 66 pupils

Judo 28 pupils

Jujitsu 26 pupils

Kabaddi 50 pupils

Karate 46 pupils

Lacrosse 0 pupils

Modern Pentathlon 13 pupils

Mountaineering 33 pupils

Netball 53 pupils

Orienteering 40 pupils

Rowing 24 pupils

Rugby League 34 pupils

Rugby Union 62 pupils

Sailing 56 pupils

Shinty 76 pupils

Shooting 51 pupils

Ice skating 69 pupils

Snowsport 52 pupils

Squash 20 pupils

Sub Aqua 41 pupils

Swimming 74 pupils

Table tennis 45 pupils

Tai Chi 19 pupils

Tennis 35 pupils

Triathlon 25 pupils

Tug of War 67 pupils

Volleyball 40 pupils

Walking 23 pupils

Water skiing 52 pupils

Wind surfing 43 pupils

Wrestling 45 pupils


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  1. What a great list and some of the numbers interested come as a real surprise. Will have to find out what Evie voted for. Would be great if some of the local clubs could be convinced to move up to us, I bet I’m not the only adult who would also like to try some of these.

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