Can’t see the wood for the trees?

 Many thanks to all those who voted over the past week to help us decide what theme we would use for our ‘Houses’…after well over 70 votes, I am pleased to reveal that the winning category is Tree/Wood/Street Names such as Redwood, Pinewood etc…

We will now be allocating each child to a particular house and this is the house they will remain in for their entire time at Milton of Leys. As nice and convenient as it might be to have children in houses which match to their actual address, we will not be taking this into account as this would be a logistical nightmare! We do intend to place siblings into the same houses. Each house will be captained by a senior pupil who will take responsibility for leading their team at key events over the school year.

Phew….one job done….99 to go! Many thanks for your help and support in this….

Mr Quigley

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