Class Blogs…please pay a visit!

 As the more eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted, I have added a link down the right hand side to each of the newly created Class Blogs which are now more or less ‘live’! Each class from nursery through to P6/7 has their own blog and this is the place to check out what they have been up to whether in learning, exploring or just having fun!

Please, please….visit your child’s blog regularly and leave a comment or two to let them know that you have paid them a visit. I cannot understate how motivating it is to log onto the blog to find a positive comment about a piece of work or a post that has been made. If you would like to be automatically kept up to date with any new posts, you can subscribe to each class blog (usually a button in the bottom corner of the blog) and then every time a new post is made, you will be automatically emailed so you don’t miss out!

If the class blogs are supported even half as well as this main school blog, they will be a huge success.

Mr Quigley

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