For anyone who was able to come along to the school for our first ever Fun Day, will no doubt agree that it was an absolute success! As person after person came through the doors, the school was rocking….it’s a good job the foundations are well established! Even the unscripted fire alarm and occasional heavy downpours, could not spoil the fun and there were smiles galore (even from myself as the entire bucket of water was poured onto my head!!!) and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.


Today could not have happened without a huge amount of planning and I wanted to say a massive thank you to each and every member of the Parent Council (and beyond) who contributed towards today being so incredibly successful from start to finish. The effort and planning that went into the event was incredible and if anyone ever doubted that Milton of Leys is on the map, today was the absolute proof!

It was so warming to see the wonderful way that the community came out to support the Fun Day and equally as important as money raised (still being counted as we speak!), was the turnout from pupils, parents, staff and local and wider community folk.

The people who require personal thanks for their extra efforts already know how much their hard work is appreciated and I can only repeat these thanks on a personal level.


Many, many thanks,


Mr Quigley and Ms MacKenzie 

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