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We need your help once again! As with many schools in Scotland, the pupils are split into ‘houses’ or groups who they represent throughout the year at things like Sports Day or for excellent behaviour or attitude etc….In many of these schools, the house names are ‘obvious’ due to the location of the school e.g. local landmarks or famous connections with a school.

We are about to divide the pupils into their ‘houses’ but have not got names for these yet. If you have any ideas of what each house could be called, please share them with us by leaving a comment. We have not yet decided how many ‘houses’ there will be but each house will have a captain and who will take on responsibility for leading and organising their house at certain events over the course of the school year.

Any suggestions?

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23 thoughts on “House Names-Any Ideas?

  1. Alligator = guardian of great treasure
    Bear = strength in protecting our kindred
    Eagle = strength of mind
    Falcon = no rest until objective achieved
    Lion = brave, strength, valour

  2. When I was at primary school we had planets rather than houses, mars, venus etc.

    If you want a local theme, what about trees. Most of the streets in Milton of leys are tree themed, are there 4 trees left that are no used on the estate? Rowan, Oak??

  3. Hi, How about: Moray, Beauly, Cromarty & Dornoch for the house groups. It represent the local Firth’s – or the Loch’s – Ness, Duntelchaig, Ashie and Ruthven? from Ellie Campbell

  4. House names – I had thought of hills seen from the school and would have suggested Wyvis-Dunain-Phadraig-Ord but I am told that these are the house names used by Inshes. So what about the villages overlooked by the school?

  5. Hiya,
    We have come up with 3 suggestions:

    Drummossie, from the moor
    Daviot from the wood/village
    Wade from the Millitary road

  6. I like the idea of the street names but a shotened version as the tree type like cedar at least the kids can see names on their way home.

  7. How about cloud names – seeing as you can see the weather coming from miles away! Cumulus, Stratus, Cirrus, Cumulonimbus (or Nimbus).

  8. Here are some of out House ideas

    Golden eagle

    Highland native animals

    Pine Martin 
    Wild cat

    As the school colours are red:

    Red squirrel 
    Red deer
    Red grouse
    Red fox

    Thinking of areas around the school

    Drummosie Vikings
    Fairways Gaels
    Bogbain scots
    Daviot Picts

    Or the companies that built our houses around the school:

    Cameron Patterson. This one is my fav as you could ask for sponsorship!

  9. Similar to what has been suggested but more along the lines of the streets directly next to or opposite the school, where most of the children have “houses”


  10. Similar to what has already been suggested, how about the following as these streets are either directly next to or oppsite where some of the children have “houses”


  11. I’d come up with
    Closest lochs – Ness, Ashie, Duntelchaig and Ruthven.
    Views – Wyvis, Ord, Moray and Kessock.
    Notable figures in Inverness History – Wade, Telford, Scott, and Brude

    Just a couple to think about.

    • I like street names but think the children will want to be in the ‘house’ that is their street also! Is this possible?
      It could be confusing for them if they live in cedarwood but are In house redwood!

  12. Areas near to the school: Drumossie, Bogbain,Fairways, Slackbuie.
    Like the idea of the villages that you can see from the view, Avoch, Rosemarkie, Fortrose, Kessock.

  13. Ord, Wyvis, Phadraig and Dunain are the names used at Inshes Primary so we need something different. I like the ideas of the street names but it is worth remembering the nursery have named one room the Forest room and the childrens groups are called Rowan, Willow, Cherry, Oak and Pine. Kirstie, the red animals are great idea!

  14. I think we shood have had 4 houses :-
    and named them villages!

  15. I’ve some suggestions:
    Earth, water, air, fire
    Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific, Indian (oceans..)
    Yellow sea, Red sea, Caribbean sea, Mediterranean sea(seas)
    North ,west ,east, south

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